Illustration series

The Borneo Features Illustration Series

Words describe, but images bring our world to life. Borneo Features uses images to bring our words to you visually. The series of illustrations on this website were commissioned specifically to bring Borneo’s issues to life. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have in creating them.

Creating the Illustration Series

Naturalist Tony Sebastian and Illustrator Jean Voon worked together to bring this series to you. This special partnership brings together ecological knowledge and illustrating skills. A brief was developed for each illustration, deciding how a particular issue could be captured visually. This “image” was then fine-tuned, sometimes taking several weeks, to eventually bring the result that you see on this website.




自然学家托尼(Tony Sebastian)和插画家珍(Jean Voon)携手为您呈现此系列。这种特殊的合作关系融合了生态知识和插画技能。每幅画先是草拟一个稿,决定如何具体捕捉问题使之图像化。之后再美化图像,有时耗时几个星期才完成您现在在此网站看到的成果。