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This collection of features is brought to you by Borneo Futures, an organisation focused on brokering knowledge for public and institutional use.

Borneo Futures is a network of scientists from various fields, working on Borneo. Science for Change is our mission

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Team Members 团队成员


Jean Voon

Jean Voon is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Kuching, Sarawak. She has a keen interest in nature and the little (and some big) things that make Borneo tick. She believes more people of Borneo need to learn about the island of their birth, and express themselves more in how they feel about this fascinating but declining land.

Jean expresses herself in her creativity and thought. “Being part of the Borneo Features team gives me an avenue to express myself about something I believe strongly about…. that each and every one of us should be doing something, however small, to make a difference out there”.

The illustrations that go with the articles were drawn by Jean, using the writings themselves as inspiration. This is one person from Borneo doing her part in bringing this great island to life. We hope Jean’s work inspires you too!


珍(Jean Voon)是一名平面设计师和插画家,居住在古晋,砂拉越。她对大自然以及婆罗洲一些小(和一些大的)事情具有浓厚的兴趣她认为,应该有更多的婆罗洲人需要了解他们出生的岛屿,并对这个迷人,但在退化的土地,发表他们的感受。


Tony Sebastian


Tony Sebastian

Tony Sebastian is a naturalist living in Kuching, Sarawak. Trained as a wildlife ecologist, Tony works as a consultant in conservation planning across Asia and the Middle-east. He has spent the last 30 years observing animals, and almost every other living thing he comes across, in the forests, mountains, wetlands and grasslands of half the world. His fascination for the natural world shows no signs of diminishing.

Tony is a prolific writer of articles on nature, inspired by his personal encounters. Through his writings, he brings a personal account of the natural world we all live in. “I write what my eyes have seen, and my ears have heard. Writing the articles on this Borneo Features website has been a real pleasure, allowing me to express, in words, the delight I derive from nature”, says Tony. “Working with an illustrator has been a new experience for me. It is really rewarding watching scenes and events in my mind take shape visually”. It is story-telling at its best!


托尼(Tony Sebastian)是位自然学家,居住在古晋,砂拉越。受训成为一位野生物生态学家,托尼受雇为亚洲和中东地区保育计划顾问。他有30年观察动物的经验,以及几乎所有他在森林、山、湿地和草地发现到的生物,横跨半个世界版图。 他对自然界的迷恋没有丁点消退的迹象。

托尼是一位自然界文章多产作家,灵感来自于他的个人遭遇。通过他的文章,他让我们更认识我们所生活的自然世界。“我写我眼睛看见的,我耳朵听到的。写这个婆罗洲专栏网站的文章是我的荣幸,让我透过文字表达我从自然界领受的喜悦“托尼说。 “与插画家工作对我来说是全新的体验,也是一个额外的奖励。这是一个非常棒的经验,看着自己脑海中的场景和事件形成图像“。这是最棒的故事叙述!

Travis Tan


Travis Tan

Travis is a journalist and writer, living in Kuching, Sarawak. He writes in Mandarin. Travis has 20 years of experience working with major Chinese language newspapers in both writing and editorial roles. He brings to the team a way of translation that goes way beyond a merely mechanical translation of English to Chinese.

Travis is also a nature lover, and spends time with his wife and young son walking in the forests. He says “Nature brings a sense of calm to my hectic life, and I am very worried about what we humans are doing to nature. I want my son to have the chance to see some of the animals I am writing about right now.”

Travis says “The stories told in the articles on this website are a merging of science and story-telling. The only way to make these articles meaningful to a Chinese audience is to tell the stories in Chinese. This has been a challenge, and a very enriching experience for me.”


特拉维斯(Travis Tan)是一位新闻从业员及撰稿人,生活在古晋,砂拉越。他以中文书写,他有近20年在主要中文报章工作的经验,先后任职记者和编辑职位。他为本专栏做的翻译超越了一般机械式的英文/中文翻译。